Does it really counts?

Updated: Jun 10

We are witnessing, many a lot of successful businessmen and officers who crack the biggest exams in the country. Most of them are fascinated by some of the catchy looks about the field they work for and as mentioned above manage to get their respective goals. They struggle and thrive a lot for all the stuff, for which they even get appreciation from their foes. They handle their life carefully throughout the process of achieving whatever they desire to and by the way manifest. We being the common people-holding the same mentality and living in the same environment start following the same process and eventually, some of us get what we desire and some do change it the next day after checking the other guy, who has done better in the two. This process goes on and finally sets us at a point where we are either empty and depressed or accomplished and depressed.

Why does it matter?

There is a process of life span psychology, according to which we all have to die at any moment. We carry a huge number of expectations from the time, which is not a good thing I must say. Secondly, we have made our goals with material outcomes which again is not beneficial. Thirdly we start with competing with other people which is again a great mistake.

So here is the answer.

  1. Be defined with a goal that makes this world a better place to live on

  2. Never worry about the future. Astonishingly the present is unknown so the future is unexpected

  3. Never let your mind fall on what someone has done for himself and his family only. Get out of the past.

We have to work and work efficiently, but never at the cost of relationships, health and service to the society.

With love from

Divinemindpool team

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