How Divine Energy Operates


on the larger scale it is slightly complex to understand how energy works in such a vast universe, however if we presume an ideal way of functioning of energy we will come closer to our above motive. Nature is working with a definite set of rules entitled to its energy by the fact of being energy. If energy, its fields and vibrations are considered the main source of all the happenings of the universe , then we can say that we all belong to a very vast and measurable field of energy from which we get the part or glimpse of divine energy to do whatsoever we are spending our energy at throughout the whole day and accordingly throughout our lives.

We take an example to understand , all of us get up early in the morning with a set or bundle of energy , throughout the day we use the energy in the different scenarios as per the requirement and choices . Some of the activities and people we spend energy at are ENERGY VAMPIRES. Energy Vampires are the set of things or people which consume your energy for no worth at all, it can be simplified as spending your time on useless digital media, social media, and chat with the people who really don't care about your goals of life. However the relationships are important and needs a specified time during a day. For me it is 1 and a half Hour and can be more or less as per your perception ,. But one important advice is even if you spend a few minutes , it should be your quality time , keeping all other things second important and relationship as priority .

Coming back to how energy works ……..

Is it possible that people living in the same house of the same parents and acquiring the same set of benefits can hold different positions in the world only because one is more hardworking, have better IQ, or is more technical . I call it is not possible , the energy that is forming the shape of the mind of one better is more directed than the one who is less better . But the directed energy doesn't come by itself it is because only that it has acted well after it has been given a good company , WEATHER IT WORKS OR NOT , THERE IS NO GUARANTEE BUT LIVING AROUND THE BEST PEOPLE IS THE ONLY SINGLE POTENTIAL A HUMAN BEING HAS BEEN PROVIDED BY THE DIVINE ENERGY ,

So here we can say that energy especially in human being is influenced by the energy of others when put into their fields ,but there is no concrete formation of wave that will return back to you it can be a wave that suits you or opposes you and your plans . So if we spend time with the people we have to realize what form of energy and fields are returning to us after we make interactions , love , business etc with him or her.

So we can say it is the best remedy, whatever and whenever you are doing something that is as simple as eating food or sleeping and you get a glimpse that I should close it down you must. I=This formula is not used for actions when you are taking yourself out of your comfort zone , there you must try and try even if it pains..

Energy is not something we can control, but there are ways by which we ca some how direct our energy towards some thing we like. And That is what is the main focus of writing this book. But not here it will come in next chapters. Here we have to make sure that we believe that energy works and it doesn't need any support or help form human beings and other creatures and works at its best form. That is why I call this world is in its best form and whatever and whoever is paid what is what it should be . Here we start loving this universe and start opening the gates towards the direction of energy. We have to love where we are now and if we don't feel grateful for what is here now we are out of the context of this book and I tell you that it is the time to return it back.

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