Mind Pool and Matter

Mind Pool and Matter: Know what and why so that how gets easier

                Since we were kids in school, the teachers and guardians most of the time taught us the stuff and gave us the philosophy of life and events happening in the world. The way they told us to look at the world was in fact the need of the times. That was the time when technology was in its infant stage( in many parts of the world)  and science was all about Medical and Engineering Colleges.  In fact, they had been great at their creativity and knowledge as they were taught far less and were given a far worse understanding of the world by their teachers and guardians. The events happening at that time of the world when we were kids were very much about entertainment and movies. It is for sure true that people in the west started to look at the other dimensions of the planet and were focusing on making a better impact on the world. But most of the world was all about making arrangements to please their ego and mind. Now the question is why I am writing it down here in this pivotal time of our life? I believe that it is where we can fix our failures, ill behaviors, and thoughts. What we were taught is what has filled our subconscious minds.
So,  how we behave is all about the combination of what our instincts( unconscious) is, what we feel safe and secure about  (conscious) and what we have trusted doing from our childhood after being taught to do so in one way or another (Subconscious). If we think the way we avoided thinking for so long and do what we're afraid of doing for so long and believe what we didn’t trust for so long, we can become the person we thought we should be.
          But doing so is not so easy if the intensity of your feeling good about your current status is surpassing your desire to change it. At the same time, it is necessary that you understand your true nature in your current status, it can be great from some perspectives but is it matching your goal of life and service to the planet that you can provide by your talent and capacity? So initially we have to redesign our goal in life, we might have been thinking of doing something for a long time now but due to some unknown reason, we were not able to hold ourselves up to the task. The reason is so simple, we are not clear in our minds about what we want to accomplish and we have been ill thinking about the stuff with so much confidence that we forgot that we should apply what we want to apply. So the clear intention is the most basic fundamental of changing our thoughts and to have a perfect vision of life is making it easier to hold up every nerve to support and work for it. Changing preferences is what will follow as we change our thinking and ultimately lead to the change in belief system by changing matter and   behaviors,( My Blog Title) 
What is a thought?

Thought is the processing of rehearsing or remembering the past event combined with the present situation, which takes place in the brain of an individual when the synaptic connections start firing and wiring in the neurons of the specific part of the brain. Those connections had been hardwired before the time when a thought jumps in. So it is hard to stop thinking, as a normal human being have 75000 thoughts in a day. Here, the issue here is not the total number of thoughts but the number of thoughts we think from our past experiences and that too about the bad experiences as our bad emotions from bad experiences are stronger than our good emotions from our good experiences, so we start feeling the same emotions throughout the day creating the same thoughts again. Here is what we have to fix. We have the solution for you.

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          We can’t change destiny but we can change the way we think about it.

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